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My not-so-secret identity

Aug. 6th, 2009

10:46 am

James just yanked out C's loose tooth. LOL

Aug. 3rd, 2009

06:38 pm - sports and fitness stuff

So I am feeling super SUPER motivated since our race. We were looking at doing another adventure race that is more of a multi-sport style in September, but I don't think that we can afford a $250 entry fee plus canoe rental so soon after our last race so I am looking into some other options:

- An 8km run on September 5th in Ottawa
- Ontario Cup XC mountain bike race in Milton on August 30th
- Duathlon event (2.5km run, 38km bike, 5km run) in Ottawa on Oct 10th

It will all depend on our finances and availability. Mark is now back and work and is starting his pre-deployment training shortly and I know his schedule is going to be very tight. He still has some annual days to burn off, so we will see how much we can accomplish!

03:52 pm - UK

I think we are going to go to the UK next year! Woohoo!

Jul. 12th, 2009

05:59 pm - updatey

Christa is home from a week at camp. She had a fabulous time here: http://www.frontiertrailscamp.com/
She did the variety camp, which includes a bit of everything: mountain biking, archery, rock climbing, crafts, swimming/beach activities....she LOVED it. It was her second year going, and she has no problem being away from home for the week. On the last day they all got an "award" and hers was for being the "cutest camper". lol
She is going to Toronto tomorrow to spend a week with her nana, and then we are joining them on Saturday. We're going to be helping my parents with their move and checking out the new place etc, and my sister is coming home from BC for a couple of weeks.

There are 12 days left until Race Day! We're finally accumulating everything we're going to need. We have decided to search for accommodations for he night in Haliburton instead of trying to drive home that night.

Jul. 7th, 2009

09:52 am - almost race time!

We have just over 2 weeks until our race and I am getting psyched out slightly. We upgraded to the 8 hour race from the 4 hour. I am running just over 5km at a pretty decent pace now, and yesterday I cycled roughly 25km off road without any issues (I would have gone further, but the trail ended and the deer flies were SWARMING us). We have not practiced paddling at ALL, but I think we will be alright, we will just have to take it slow etc.

Trying to think of extra gear that I will need besides the mandatory stuff on the list.... maybe a few extra pairs of socks, shoes, water shoes? Will I need rope? extra clothes, BUG REPELLENT!!
I bought extra bike inner tubes, I have levers, portable pump, we still need a first aid kit...the list is about a mile long.


17 days!

Jun. 30th, 2009

09:35 am - changes of plans

So we have decided to forgo out river rafting trip, but might reschedule it for August.
Instead we are using the money to bump ourselves from the 4 hour race, to the 8 hour (pray for us lol).

I am looking forward to it. :D

Jun. 25th, 2009

09:28 am - This summer is going to be insane

We have decided to go whitewater rafting on July 8th, which I am SO excited for!
Christa has camp from July 5th to the 11th.
We leave for Toronto on the 13th of July.My sister is coming home from BC on the 20th and staying for 2 weeks.
I'd like to squeeze in a day of biking at Blue Mountain if we can afford it.
Adventure racing in Haliburton on the 25th of July.
My sister is racing the same day (MTB) at Hardwood Hills.
Mark's sister is having her second baby while we're in town (repeat c-section)!
Coming home probably the day after the race.
Mark goes back to work that week and starts work-up training for Afghanistan.

It is going to go by SO quickly!!
We are going to have to squeeze in some more memorable trips/outings in August.

When he comes home at the end of 2010, we're doing Disney with the kids.

Jun. 22nd, 2009

03:25 pm - birthday pics, zip-lining etc!

more here!Collapse )

We spent the day at Chutes Colounge, Quebec. It was awesome!

Jun. 18th, 2009

01:38 pm - check it out!!

Mark came in 11th place today for the Cross Base Challenge!

10km run,
20km bike,
5km run.

He did awesome! Time of 2h14m!

Jun. 17th, 2009

09:55 pm - omg wtf!

My parents bought a new house, and it is not in Cobourg. In fact, it is right down the street from their old house....WEIRD! It is a townhouse, so they are downsizing big time, but it is gorgeous and I'm sure they will be very happy there!


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